About Us 

CAIRE - Citizens of Amherst Island for Renewable Energy 

CAIRE represents more than 50 landowner families in addition to their friends, relatives, and other members of the community who are participating and supporting the potential wind power project and renewable energy on Amherst Island. It is a not for profit group, where one of the criteria for membership is support for the potential wind project and renewable energy through a nominal membership fee. Currently CAIRE has more than 110 paid members, who to be noted are all of adult age with land interest on Amherst Island, and largely comprises of residents who live on the Island. 

All the decisions are taken by the 9-member board of directors, comprising of 4 permanent founding members and 5 elected members within the membership for a two-year term. The Board is presided over by a Chairman.


The aim of CAIRE is to provide a forum for support and awareness of the wind project and renewable energy through better understanding, communication and dissemination of information; and to address any renewable energy concerns in the community through liaison between them and the project proponent.

This website is an attempt to address the emotionally charged misconceptions regarding wind power and renewable energy in an objective and scientific manner based on peer reviewed facts.

For Membership Inquiries, write to

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